Magento 2 Image Cleaner
The Magento 2 image cleaner that works!

Image Cleaner?

Did you know? Almost every Magento 2 store has category and product images that are not being used any longer. These images take up server space that you have to pay for!

In a standard Magento 2 there is no way to identify and delete those unused images. The Magento 2 Image Cleaner Pro is a safe addition to identify and delete unused images once and for all.

Most Magento 2 stores have tons of those unused product or category images, it just happens over time. There is a good chance you can save money every month by deleting those images and reducing the used disk space while at the same time taking care of your Magento 2 store and keeping it nice and clean!

The Magento 2 Image Cleaner Pro works with all current Magento 2 versions. It can clean unused Magento 2 product images and category images. If you like, you can run it automatically and periodically with a cron job.

A huge plus: The Magento 2 Image Cleaner Pro is not another Magento 2 extension but an efficient shell script which runs in the background - no need to mess with Magento 2 directly! Just copy & paste Image Cleaner Pro and run it - done.

The Magento 2 Image Cleaner Pro comes with a dry run feature! This way you can check the images that would be deleted, without actually deleting them.


You can get your copy of the Magento 2 Image Cleaner Pro for $25 by clicking the button below. We accept PayPal and Credit Card!

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Image Cleaner Pro for Magento 2 comes with 3 month free support! The support period starts with the day of purchase.


After downloading your copy of the Magento 2 Image Cleaner Pro, copy and paste the imagecleanerpro.php file to your Magento 2 root folder. Now run it manually by typing:

php imagecleanerpro.php [parameters]

You can also setup a cron job to run it automatically. You should always run it with the same PHP version your Magento 2 store is running with.

You can start Image Cleaner Pro with various parameters, run the following command to get an extensive help:

php imagecleanerpro.php -h

That's it - easy, right ?